What’s that? You’re looking for warm, vibrant, funny, down-to-earth gal with a glorious english accent to deliver your nuptials? 

Well, well, well… it’s time you met Emily!

Em has lived and breathed weddings for the better part of a decade and she still thinks it is all just a fabulous scene! Telling stories and creating memories is what brings her joy. A wedding planner and coordinator by trade, she used to watch ceremonies unfold from backstage and often felt like maybe she was in the wrong spot. Underwhelmed by a lot of what was on offer on the celebrant market, she decided to begin her studies and shake things up in the wedding world.

Emily is here to breathe new life into ceremony, to re-shape old traditions, and help couples create new ones. She wants to help you share your best thoughts and feelings about one another, with the people who know and love you. But most importantly, she wants to help you celebrate.

Emily loves a good love party and when she is steering the ship, you can be sure the party will be on fiyah.

So if you want a celebrant who is easy to chat with (she bloody loves a good chinwag), a celebrant who will help you find any and all excuses to celebrate, and just someone who will make this process heaps of fun, then maybe, just maybe, you found your perfect match. 

Emily makes it her mission to deliver ceremonies that are bursting with emotion, that truly reflect who you are, and leave your guests feeling high on love. 

What more could you want?

You have found your gal.

“If it were legal to marry more than once, we would book Emily again and again, and again.” 


Emily is a dream!

Want someone who can run a wedding with her eyes closed as well as entertain your guests and look a million bucks at the same time? You found her. 

Don’t even bother looking at anyone else, you won’t find a better celebrant/planner/human anywhere on planet earth.

Thank you x 100,000,000 for everything, Em xx


I feel like we struck gold when we stumbled onto the Lady Love page. We knew after our very first meeting with Emily that we were in the right place. Emily didn’t tell us that we would be simultaneously belly laughing and crying during our ceremony, or that she would seamlessly weave together our 5 year relationship into a fun, romantic and quirky tale (that made us sound way more interesting than we probably are), or that our guests would be continually coming up to us throughout the course of the evening reminding us of how good our ceremony was. Maybe if she had’ve told us that would happen, we wouldn’t have believed her. So she did better than tell us, she showed us.

If it were legal to marry more than once, we would book Emily again and again, and again. 


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